The 3 secret essential things you need to do before you create your blog graphics.


You bought a domain name. Check.

You bought a website theme. Check.

You finished your blog posts, your bio description and contact form. Check.

But something is missing.

Your head hurts. Your heart bleeds. You search google for any image you can think of. But every picture you see has low resolution, copyrights, or watermarks.

You sit on our computer. Click on Microsoft Word. Powerpoint. Paint. And then start to create your own.

But you don’t have any idea what to design. How it will look.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, keep reading honey.

Cuz I’m going to show you the 3 essential things you need to do before you start making your blog graphics design.

What you can expect to take away from this post:

  1. Creating your brand style guide.
  2. Building a color Scheme that matches your theme.
  3. Creating a personality for your blog theme.


The Ultimate Free Design Resources Guide Every Blogger Should Use

Why Your Blog Needs Visually Appealing Blog Graphics Design

99% of readers judge your website by it’s graphics. Would you stay longer at a website that has outdated fonts, horrible blog graphics design?


Most bloggers believe that content is king. While it’s true that quality content is essential, you also need eye-catching blog graphics design to stand out in a overcrowded market. Why? So you can:

  1. Build brand Awareness
  2. Appear Professional
  3. Get shared.

Do you notice that most successful bloggers have attractive website design and blog graphics design? It’s because they use high-quality images rather than blurry ones. It’s because their social media posts contain visual images that get shared to tons of people.

Quotes elicit emotion.

Infographics provide easy to digest content in a quick visual manner.

It makes sense that such images get shared more than a simple text.

Social media is one of the quickest ways your content can spread. And attention-grabbing graphics boosts a lot of sharing, like on Pinterest.

Hopefully, it’s clear why you need images or some type of blog graphics design for your website. The right images will not only help you get noticed but also help others identify you with your brand.

Here’s the first essential step to starting the foundation of your blog graphics design:

1. Brand Theme

Hold up! Does this actually sound familiar?

Yes it is!

I know that each of you new bloggers have already come across this topic. But what’s a blog without a theme, right?

You got a niche.

But what kind of niche?

For example, “Your blog is about cupcakes, but what is the theme for your food/blog? Is it Mickey Mouse cupcakes? Pure white cupcakes? Vegan cupcakes? Oak style cupcakes? All about pink cupcakes?

Here are some other examples:

Note: I’m not sponsoring these vloggers, I use their websites as examples for my own personal recommendations. Nothing more.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

This is from my favorite vlogger, “Kawaii Sweets World.” Her website and youtube channel are all about baking sweets. Her brand theme is making any sweet look cute and adorable! The Japanese word “Kawaii” means “Cute” in English, and she just loves to make anything cute!

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

This is from another one of my favorite youtube vloggers, Peaceful Cuisine. If you look closely, you might notice that his brand theme looks vintage. More like the 1990’s. He bakes vegan dishes and uses an oak theme simple design for his brand.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

Now this is my website, “I Heart Story Canvas.” I aim to make my blog look adorable, colorful and vibrant. More like a fairytale kind of theme. When I first started my blog, I didn’t know what my theme was. I’m pretty much a “which-goes-better” graphic designer. But since my theme is pretty hard, I need to make it consistent.

  1. Brand Colors

Now that you’ve got a theme, it’s easy to determine what kind of colors you’re going to use. You should choose no more than four to six colors for your palette. Like for example, if you choose a Vegan theme for your cupcakes, you can use green, light brown, grayish brown & white.

If you’re using black or white as main contributors, don’t count them toward this number. You can use up to three main colors for elements like your logo, header, graphics, backgrounds and patterns.

Here’s an infographic I made for different color meanings.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

The Ultimate Free Design Resources Guide Every Blogger Should Use

Choosing a Color Scheme That Works for Your Blog

It’s best that your colors should match the message you wish to send. Follow these easy examples to develop your online message.

  1. Color theory.

It’s the principle that color evokes a mood or feeling. Not all colors harmonize with each other. For example, if you pick red and brown, it’s a no-no right?

Choose one or two accent colors for a pop of contrast on buttons,bold text and icons. Finally, you’ll want to add a neutral color or two to add balance. You’ll want to mix things up between dark, light, contrast and neutral colors.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design


2. Set the Mood/Mood Boards

A good way to play with various combinations and to narrow things down is to create a board on Pinterest. You may set the board to private if you wish and then start pinning images that create the tone of the vision you have for your brand.

If you have certain colors in mind, use them. Otherwise, just start pinning images that interest you to see if a pattern develops. You can then discard pins that don’t make sense and use what remains to pull from. I also use Instagram, because most Instagrammers have a lot of good profile themes.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

This is an example of my Instagram theme.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

I use Adobe Kuler, or ColourLovers in choosing my color palette. All you need to do is move up and down, and don’t use neon bright colors like this one:

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

Ugh the pain!…my eyes!

Or just build a moodboard! Like this one I made here.

3 Essential Things To Do Before You Create Your Blog Graphics Design

This may take some practice, so have fun with it! Experiment, and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by choosing the perfect combination.

Choosing your brand’s color palette is actually a fun and creative process!

  1. Personality

Now it’s time to add some personality to your website. If you’re blog is dull and generic, you’re gonna bore people out. And they will never ever go back to you, ever again. You understand?

Why is personality so important in blog graphics?

If your blog doesn’t have personality, you’ll be having a hard time choosing the right fonts for your logo. And people won’t get to personally know you as a blogger.

Just talk normally and be yourself. If you’re a poetic person, write that down! Are you confident and elegant? Write that down!

Your personality must match with your brand colors and theme. Ex. You have a calligraphy blog, some neutral colors, what personality would you like to put there? Elegant? Funky? Fun? Cheerful?

Here are some more examples for you:

Picture is from:

I really liked this website. It’s very eye-catching, isn’t it? Your attention is immediately caught by the big bold text, “Works.” Try to analyze the whole picture. What do you feel. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

It looks professional and powerful, right? Bold texts symbolize power. Look at the picture behind it. It shows that they work professionally and cleanly.

In this picture, you can easily identify that Larja is an elegant person. Her website has long curvy calligraphy strokes and petals on the sides.

There you have it! What did you learned in this blog graphics design post?

  1. Create your theme
  2. Create your personality
  3. Choose your color scheme

I can’t wait to see your blog graphics design!

Now let’s get started by downloading your free cheatsheet below!

The Ultimate Free Design Resources Guide Every Blogger Should Use

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