What I Wish Everyone Knew About Monetizing Your blog


You want to earn money, right?

Blogging could be your answer.

But do you think it’s easy?

People get the idea that writing blog posts can earn you money.

That’s not how the real thing works.

Most people think that monetize your blog can:

  • Earn you bucks even while you’re not working.
  • Expect money will drop on your bank account.
  • Letting ads do the money & work for you.

And in 3 minutes, I’m going to explain to you the difference between monetizing your blog & blogging.


| The Reality of Monetized Blogging

It’s not about Ads


People always think they can earn enough money if people keep clicking on their Google Ad spaces.

Too many Ads will turn your blog into a scam-looking website.

It will ruin your professional standing. And people won’t dare to click your ads, because it may lead a virus to their computer.

Everyone thinks having a blog + placing ads can earn you as high as your monthly salary.

But that’s a coax. Have you wondered why so many successful bloggers don’t rely on Ads to earn money?



Monetizing your blog is about:


  • selling products,
  • making affiliate commissions sales
  • creating online courses
  • consultation services.
  • building your engaged audience that will someday turn into your potential customers.


Monetizing isn’t about sitting around & money coming back to you.

You gotta work hard for it.

Make a plan.

Build a strategy.

It’s not as easy how it looks.

There’s no easy money.

And money doesn’t grow,

If you don’t plant a seed on the ground, water it, shower it with love, it won’t grow into a big money tree.

And if there’s no money tree, then no money for you.


| Monetized blog. aka. Profitable blog vs personal blogging

| Profitable blog

| Treating your blog like a business

If you want to make money out of something, you gotta treat it like shit.

When you say profitable…

Profit + Gaining

It’s about gaining profit into something that you spend working on.

And if you want to keep gaining profit every month, every day, every year, you need to become business minded.


| Why blogging is a business?

A blog cannot generate income if you haven’t created a simple business plan.

| A strategy to getting:

  • email subscribers
  • traffic generation
  • product sales
  • service sales
  • income.

Did you know that successful bloggers spend more than 12 hours a day on their blog when they were starting out?

They spend more than 30 hours every week building loyal customers. Trying to gain 100, 000 views on their traffic & creating strategies to generate income.

They hire virtual assistants to handle with their other work.

Graphic designers to design their graphics.

Web designers to build a professional website for them.

If they aren’t treating their blog like a business, they won’t be able to generate income.

So if you want to make money on your blog, you need to think of it as a business.


| Invest in learning resources, designers & promotion services to expand your knowledge.


Entrepreneurs won’t get successful if they’re not innovative.

Did you know that most successful business owners read 20 books per week? Knowledge is everything, and if you want to keep improving, you need to find resources.

I recommended buying courses from successful bloggers.

These courses are very expensive, but if you wanted to experiment at your own way, it may take a long time to get there.

Buying courses are effective. Bloggers teach their secrets into these courses + it’ll help you guide our path as a blogger.

That’s how I learn the secrets of monetizing your blog.

When I started blogging, I was exactly like you.

I didn’t know how to get email subscribers, increase my traffic or make sales for my blog.

| My secret?

  • I read a lot of Pinterest blog topics.
  • I watch free webinars from successful bloggers, such as Melyssa Griffin & Addi Ganley.
  • I watch webinars that solve my problems.
  • I sign up for dozens of opt-ins from successful bloggers & read their emails from them everyday.
  • I talked to a lot of bloggers. I started consulting their websites, their problems & give them advice. Exchanging information in the meantime.
  • I bought 20+ courses from Udemy when there’s a 90% sale on their website. From $200 courses to $10, who doesn’t want to grab the opportunity?

There’s a way to spend less money & get what you deserve.

You don’t have to spend $1000 course for a topic you already knew.

You don’t have to enroll into an expensive school to become rich.

It’s all about trial and error. It’ll be also helpful to get a business coach when you’re starting out. But for me, it’s intuition & money-wise. If there’s a way, there’s a way.


| Staying consistent


Being consistent is what makes your readers expect on what you will offer.

Communicating regularly with your readers will let them know you’re providing good content for them.

This is what I lack. I’ve lost my consistency to post my emails, facebook group posts, and blogging posts. That’s why it’s relevant to create a schedule to stick on.

A timer will be also helpful. I use Toggl for my time-tracking goals.

It helps me create achievable & realistic goals in one day.

Sticking to a schedule is what makes you organize & productive.

And it helps beat up procrastination & burn out.


| Posting Longer & SEO-targeted articles for Google to put up.


I bet many successful bloggers told you this.

Google loves 2000+ articles.

The more words you write, the more google will put up in the search ranking.

Wonder why Hubspot, Buffer & Co-Schedule gets to the top on the search rank for blogging tips?

You think that people hate reading longer posts.

But it’s actually the opposite.

The more in-depth your article is, the more people will share it.

Let’s say you’re a starting blogger who wants to learn about content marketing. You don’t want to spend money buying a course.

You create an in-depth blog post will solve hims/her problems on content marketing.

Your reader will say, “OMG, this person solved my problem. I’m going to follow him/her, I bet his/her posts are also effective.”

Cha-ching, you have created a fan.

And as long as you keep posting articles solving that person’s problem, he/she will become your loyal buyer.

So if you release a service, or product, that person might buy from you. Because they’ve gained trust on you.


| Working more than 8 hours a day on your blog


This is optional, but everyone who starts on something is bound to work harder than 9-5 day employees.

The start is always the hardest.

You get overwhelmed by all the resources and tasks you need to do & learn.

You panic.

Get excited…

You wanted to do all these things in a limited time span.

You wanted to learn & see the results right away.

And as you get used to your business, you get burn out.

But those who are determine to make a success on their business work harder than anyone else.

They do everything.

So it’s not a question why bloggers work more than 8 hours a day. You can’t get rich when you’re lazy.


| Working smarter.


As I said earlier, successful business owners work harder than anyone else.

And also smarter.

They know time-management.

They cut out tasks that aren’t important.

They have a plan and a strategy on how they can meet their goals.

That’s why creating a blog & a monetizing a blog has a huge difference.


| Building a plan & a strategy


If you don’t have a plan, you’re just catching the wind. –tweet

By having a strategy, you’re aware of your progress.

You’re aware of what’s going on, and what’s going to happen.

The reason owners work more than 8 hours a day is because of unlimited tasks.

  • They create a plan for marketing.
  • They create a plan for email marketing.
  • They create a plan for content writing.
  • They create a plan for selling their products, and course making.
  • They create a plan for social media marketing.
  • It’s insane right?

You may not know the darkest sides of blogging.

But I’m telling you now.

Monetizing your blog isn’t as easy as pie.


| Promote consistently


Promoting is hard.

But it’s the fruit of your labor.

If you don’t promote, your content won’t get noticed.

This is the number one mistake bloggers have.

They write.

But they don’t promote.

They expect people to come in and read their blog, when people don’t know it actually exists.

And yet they get frustrated when there’s not much traffic going on.

That’s why owners have a plan.

And that’s why they reach their goals.


| They know their readers & they know their niche.


Successful bloggers have a specific niche.

They don’t blog about everything.

They write helpful posts & teach courses to help their niche-target’s problems.

And because they’ve specific their niche, their audience trusts them as an expert on this topic.



Write whatever you feel like


Almost every blogger gets this same idea.

“I wanted to earn by writing whatever I want.”

But do people want to read it?

Do people wanted to read what happened to you last Christmas?

Do people wanted to read what you did today?

Absolutely not.

And as a blogger, you keep wondering why:

You can’t see your content on the google rankings.

You don’t get traffic views.

You don’t get comments.

If you want to monetize your blog, you need to think of a niche & start writing on one topic.


No niche


The number one mistake & problem most bloggers have.


To stand out in the crowd, you gotta be somebody.

Think of the millions of people walking around you when you’re on the streets.

How will you get notice when everyone is wearing the same neutral color?

So if you’re wearing the same neutral color, how will you get noticed by your readers?

That’s not a tricky question.


They expect millions of views without doing anything


We love miracles.

But miracles don’t happen overnight when you’re wishing.

And not doing anything.

I know it’s a sad thing.

When you’re excited to check your blog stats, hoping that something has change.

But instead, you’re greeted by a straight line, it’s depressing.


I get that a lot.

But everything isn’t a miracle.

You’re  expecting someone to spoon-feed you.

And that’s not how it works.


Treat your blog as a diary


A blog isn’t a diary.

It could be, unless you make it private.

But if you’re thinking that your diary blog can make you a living.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.


Don’t know anything about selling & making money out of blogging


We’re clueless.

I know.

When it’s about business, marketing and content writing, we’re uneducated.

But if you’re planning to monetize your blog without trying to learn about these topics.

Then don’t expect you’re gonna see the fireworks tonight.


No strategy


Definitely the number one thing when it comes to monetizing your blog.

No strategy is like walking towards an endless maze.

I know you get me.

But sometimes we can’t let that “Go with the flow style” be your mindset.

Or it’ll take years for you to get there.

3 years ago, I’ve been following several popular online artists, such as Yuumei, Sakimi-Chan & Shilin.

I thought they achieved their popularity & success by doing what they love.

I thought someday I can become popular as them.

But the truth is, nothing happened.

Nobody knows me.

I created hundreds of artworks.

But I’m still not popular as them.

And I know you’re making that mistake on your blog.

So cut that mindset, and let’s create a plan, shall we?


Why monetizing your blog is hard.


Earning money is hard.

But spending money is easy.

I get this saying a lot from my dad.

It takes a month for you to earn a $350 salary.

But it takes a day for you to spend it.

It’s the same with blogging.

Actually, it’s the same if you want to earn money.

Even actors & actresses work hard to get rich.

So if they can, then why don’t you?



I’ll name each topic in 2 words.

Personal Blogging, or Blogging

  • Diary

Monetized Blog or Profitable blog.

  • Creating an online business.

That was easy isn’t it?


So what’s the takeaway of this blog post?

  • The difference between personal blogging & monetized blogging
  • Why personal blogging is way different from monetized blogging.