Blogging 101 Guide: The Cheapest Way To Start a WordPress blog in 2018, and Why You Shouldn’t Spend More Than $100 For It


“Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.”

In 3 minutes you’ll know how to start a blog with less than $100 dollars.

Exciting, right?

Starting a website or a blog isn’t as hard as it is.

People get frightened by expensive costs. They have more bills to pay than pay attention to their needs.

Who else agrees with me?

From buying a host & domain name & setting up your website. I’ll show you everything in this step-by-step tutorial.

Now get ready.




A decent laptop or computer.

A stable internet.

A phone with a good camera. Or a DSLR.

Photoshop. If none, use Canva for creating your graphics.

A budget of $100-$200

Paypal, or credit card.



You can start by setting yourself a small budget, a single digit number you can remember.

Any extra costs are acountable, but at least you’ve stuck to the plan right?

Starting a website or an online business is pretty easy & cheap.

If you already know:

  • Web design.
  • HTML & CSS
  • Content writing
  • Graphic design

Baby, you’re lucky!

This will save you from hiring a freelancer, which can be expensive than your actual budget.

WordPress themes & hosting. Fonts, patterns for your branding.

But we’ll tackle that later on the next post.



I got my free domain name & hosting from Bluehost.

Bluehost also has a one-click install WordPress.

A free domain name when you buy a subscription.

This is the starting point for anyone who is new to the blogging business.

You can start with the basic price of $3.95 every month for 12 months.

That’s like $40, which is still covered in your budget.

Bluehost also has a sale, which the basic price can do down to $2.85 every month.

Pretty cheap if you ask me.

If you purchase a Bluehost service through this link, I’ll receive a commission sale. So if you’re starting out, click on my affiliate link ;D



| STEP 1:

Go to Bluehost. Click get started now.

|STEP 2:

Select the basic price

| STEP 3:

Type in your website name into the “new domain” box. For example: Then select next:

|STEP 4:

Fill up the account information, or sign in to google to automatically fill up for you.

|STEP 5:

Go to account plan and select “Basic 12-month price”

|STEP 6:

Uncheck the Site backup pro, Site lock Security & Domain privacy protection (optional)


|STEP 7:

Fill up the payment information, and check the agreement box.

You’re done!

You should be able to receive an email confirming your email & login details.


|STEP 8:

Log in to Blue host with your domain name & password.

|STEP 9:

On the Bluehost Cpanel scroll down and click “one-click install”

|STEP 10:

Click “Install WordPress”

|STEP 11:

Click the get started

|STEP 12:

Enter your domain name and leave the directory blank. Bluehost will start to install your WordPress.

It’ll take a few minutes to get it done.

|STEP 13:

Bluehost has finally installed your WordPress. Create a new WordPress account & login to your WordPress.

|STEP 14:

This is what your WordPress dashboard will look like.


There’s a lot of cheap, beautiful WordPress themes on Etsy starting as low as $6 to $30.

Not only it’s cheap, but you’ll get guides as well. It’s a win-win, right?

Free WordPress themes are customizable.

But it looks horrible and makes your blog look generic.

You get what I mean?

If you don’t know coding or want to get your blog to look what you wanted, then buy a word press theme.

Instead of tweaking endless hours to get that perfect look, you’ll ruin your day & get frustrated.

Trust me, been there, done that.

And what’s the point of staying frugal and not buying a theme, when there could be as low as $6?

I started with a $7 WordPress theme I bought on Etsy, and till now, I’m still using it.

All you need is type “etsy wordpress theme” on google, and lots of WordPress themes will show up.


Vinyl theme is simple but elegant.

It’s the starting theme for every blogger who wants simplicity & minimalism.

I bought the $20 package of 11 WordPress themes on Black Friday Sale. Love it.

Minty Theme.

This is the first WordPress theme I bought, and till now I’m still using it today.

I love how simple & attractive it looks + it’s only $6 dollars.

Lol, since Etsy detects what country I’m from, they convert it to Philippine Peso.

Etsy uses Paypal account, so it’s one click away!


| 3. How to install a WordPress theme on your website.

When I was starting out in WordPress, I didn’t know where to login.

Yes, that’s the biggest obstacle I have.

I have to go to Bluehost, CPanel, WordPress to login.

But here’s a shortcut:

The easiest & fastest way to login to your WordPress dashboard is typing

Login your account & password and walaah! You’re back to the dashboard.


| How to upload your theme:

|Step 1:

On Your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance> Themes

| Step 2:

On the top bar, click Upload

|Step 3:

Click Upload.

|Step 4:

At first, nothing happens. Scroll down and you’ll see the bar where you can upload your theme.

|Step 5:

Upload your theme file.

It needs to be in a .zip file.

Always remember to upload your themes in a zip file.

Then Click install.

|Step 6:

Once WordPress has finished installing your theme, click on activate.


|4. How to customize your theme:

|Step 1:

On your WordPress dashboard, click on Appearance > Themes > Click Customize on the theme you’ve installed.

|Step 2:

This is where you customize your WordPress.

On the right sidebar, you can customize your logo, typography, & background. It depends on your theme’s editable features.

After you’ve made some changes, click the “Publish” button.

Yet, there are still things you can’t edit using WordPress customization feature.

Let’s say you wanted to add more buttons, and other more upgrades to your website. Like full-width screen, customize fonts. Colors. Etc.

Keep reading.

I’ll tell ya my little secret about this free plugin I’m using to create a professional page without coding.

|5. Install these must-have WordPress plugins for your blog

Here’s my list of plugins when I started out my WordPress website.

|6. Building your website pages.


Now it’s time to build your website.

Download my Complete Website Template guide to get you a head start on your website pages.


| Start Here/ Home page

This is your main page.

The star of your website.

This is the first thing people will look at once they stumble on your homepage.

And this is where you dump everything.

  • What you do.
  • Why you created this site.
  • What blog posts you write.
  • What services you do.
  • What you sell.
  • Where they can find you.

People are too lazy to read & explore other things.

They won’t check out your other pages.

They won’t dare to get to know you.

And that’s why it’s your job to tell them from start to end why your website matters to them.


| About me Page

This is where you shine, honey.

And this isn’t like the Start Here page you’ve created.

This page is all about you.

Write down your story.

  • Your likes & dislikes.
  • Your passion,
  • Where you came from.
  • Your goal
  • Where they can contact you.

Your readers wanted to get to know you, so stop trying to be secretive and share your craziness with them.


| Blog

This is the easiest part.

You don’t have to do anything.

Because WordPress shows your blog posts on one page. Whether it’s a thumbnail, or a short excerpt, you won’t have to do anything.

So let’s skip this page and move on.


| Services/Shop

If you wanted to sell something, then this is your time to shine.

This is also the hardest part.

Because pricing is hard.

And it’ll take a lot of time for you to create this page.

And if you’re starting out, it’s best to archive this page and blog all you want.

If you wanted to make this as a full-time run, you can always get back and revise this page.


| Portfolio

Ah yes, my favorite page.

This is where I showcase my graphic design & illustration works.

But if you’re not like me, then you don’t need this page yet.

If you’re not a web designer, a graphic designer, a copywriter, skip this page.


| Contact Me

This is the second easiest part to make.

And this is where your Contact form 7 shines.


| How to insert your contact form

|Step 1:

On the WordPress Dashboard, select Page > Add New.

I recommend installing your Contact 7 form, or else you won’t be able to follow this step.

|Step 2:

Click the “Add form” below the Header box…

What you see here is the code for the contact form. Leave it like that and click the Publish button.

If you already have a page like this, click Update/Publish button.

| Step 3:

Click on Preview Changes to see your page.

| Step 4:

Walaaah! Contact Form done.

Oops, now that you’ve reached the end of this post,

it’s time to tell you my little secret.


This free word press plugin I’m using.

To create a professional stunning website page + responsive.

For free.

No coding.

Only drop & drag builder.

If you like to know about it, read this post here. I’m dumping all my secrets here, so don’t miss out.


Now that you have a blog, what’s next?

What are you going to do now?

Obviously, you’re going to write posts.

And you want to make money right?

But how will you do that?

Do you have a plan?

Or are you lost in the wind?


Why did you create a blog anyway?

Is it for fun?

But why did you spend money on it?

Did you know you can actually make money in your blog if you know what you’re doing?


I know what it feels like.

To me, it’s like sponsored posts, affiliate marketing & writing posts.

But that’s not the reality of what it is.

That’s a mere fantasy.


If you wanted to be serious & make blogging as your full-time income, I can teach you that.

I’m providing a private one-on-one business coaching for bloggers.

Bloggers who want to turn blogging into a serious game.

And earn your first income in 6 months.

3  Months of coaching.

You can Call/Email/Video Chats me.

And I’ll give you worksheets/ planners/goal trackers.


Want a free call/Email? No problem.

Sign the form here.




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